Normale Version: Using a CPA2 for both color and BW?
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Does anyone have experience in using a Jobo CPA2 for developing both color and Black and White?

I?m mostly concerned about contamination, any tips about how to clean the processor between runs, should i use separate rolls and drums?

I haven?t tried BW yet so if anyone has tips for development times i?d be most grateful.

I?m mostly using Foma 135 and 120 films developed according to Fotoimpex table with ATM49 1+1 and a 2-minute pre-wet.

Best regards: Bengt Karlsson
Hi Bengt,

I have been using the same drums for all processes for some years and did not expirience any problems.

Ofcourse I was using different storage bottles but the drum has to go through alkaline developer, acidic stopp bat, acidic fixer and washwater with final rinse in all processes. So Jobo chose the best chemical resitant plastics. Always wash the drums well and you should be OK.

Best regards,

Hello Mirko and thank you for your help!

I have a couple more question that maybe you or someone else out there could help me with:

I have a tank for my Cpa2 where I am able to develop a maximum of 8 120 or 7 135 films at a time:

To be able to develop this many films, do I have to use the stock solution of ATM49 or is there a way to use it diluted?

If I have to use the stock solution for +5 films, is it possible to calculate a starting point for my development

times when I take into consideration that I should increase development time with 1 minute from the 5th film?

Will the films look different in stock solution compared 1+1? (I like the way they look in 1+1 <img src='<#EMO_DIR#>/smile.gif' class='bbc_emoticon' alt=':D' /> )

I had a suggestion of using Rollei High Speed developer for Foma films, I belive this would take care of the

dilution problem (1+7 or 1+15) but does anyone have any experience of this combination?

Lots of questions I know.. and I thank you in advance for your time..

Best regards and have a nice Midsummers Eve!

Bengt Karlsson