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Is rodinol still available,and is it the same as the Rodinol before agfa closed!!

Yes it is still available and the stuff beeing produced by A&O (the company who bought the Agfa chemical plant) is exactly the same stuff.

Unfortunately Maco has the exclusive distribution rights now and the same day prices doubled in a magical way.....

Ask him why. It is not up to me to comment this.

We have some leftovers from the latest orders and as an alternative we also offer ADOX APH 09.

This product yields the same image properties as Rodinal but differs slightly in dilution and developing times.

It is based on the original pre WWII Rodinal recipe and much more attractive in price (about 12 EUR plus tax for 1 Liter concentrate).



almost all of the former chemical Agfa-stuff is available from Vaihingen. *Without* any problems concerning one small business in Stapelfeld. They shout out loudly, but keep being short before a four-letter-word.

Mirko, you deal with them. Okay. Your business.

I accept you to be involved in their sellings. Okay. But: They don't have an USP in selling Agfaphoto chemicals, they don't have exclusive marketing. It's just one of Hartmuth's marketing tales (of mystery and imagination;-).

Okay, even Hartmuth needs money to gain living.