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Out Of Date Developer! - Niall - 04-08-2004

I bought this Ilford multigrade developer, I used some of it once,

and it was ok, but the next time i was a little suspicious about it!!

I contacted ilford and they said the bottle was two and a half years old!!!

I only got it a few weeks ago!!

It says on the bottle that it will last 24 months!!!

So how long should deveoper be stored unopened!!!!

And should I be given another bottle of fresh developer!!!!


Out Of Date Developer! - Guest - 04-08-2004

Looks like your dealer is selling stuff he's been having on stock for a very long time. Ask for a fresh bottle or a refund.

Out Of Date Developer! - Roman - 04-08-2004


schickes Foto, hatte Dich mir weit weniger attraktiv vorgestellt...


Out Of Date Developer! - Niall - 04-08-2004

....Well,Ilford here are going to replace it for iswell

ends well What a bummer though!!!

BTW , do any of you know about a hauck MSA timer!


Out Of Date Developer! - Niall - 05-08-2004


Ilford have given me two Litres of developer to replace the 500 mls

that was out of date!!

So thanx Ilford!!!