Darkroom rental in Germany

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[color="#3366FF"]Hi there. First of all let me say that I'm glad to find this English language forum here. Just wish my German were better so I could enjoy them all.

I'm planning a photography trip to Germany in about 90 days, should be there 6 weeks or so. Staying with friends in Dresden, and traveling to/photographing the major cities + surrounding Eastern countries.

While in Germany, would like to try different photographic papers & film developers, in order to restock my darkroom here in the states. I know I'll be using Efke 100 for my standard film, and am anxious to try the Fomapan 400 as an APX 400 replacement.

Is there a darkroom to rent in Germany? I've heard that here @ Fotoimpex there is one? Would make things very easy to purchase supplies & print before leaving. Don't want to take the chance of having exposed film X-rayed in the airports.

Thanks for any/all replies!

Bis bald,


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