Darkroom rental in Germany

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[quote name='Mirko Boeddecker' post='7983' date='01-07-06, 03:18 ']Hi Joe,

unfortunately we had to close our rental darkroom due to lack of demand and exploding costs.

But we plan to set up a smaller, more exclusive (and also more expensive) place sometimes in Oktober, unless we find someone who takes over the rental lab in the next weeks.

In any ways we never had a film developing place set up there just paper printing.

If you want to work for many hours on just a few days we can probably set up something on the side for you (especially if you buy the film from us in the first place :-).

It depends on what you need.



This was the rental lab: www.mietlabor.de[/quote]

[color="#FF0000"]Hi Mirko,

Thanks very much for your fast reply. Sorry to hear about the rental darkroom closing. Yes, I'd like to print for a few days, trying the various papers (espacially different Foma & Efke papers), at least 8-10 hours each day if possible.

Processing at my friend's apartment in Dresden is no problem, I only need a place to print the negatives. I shoot mainly Rolleiflex 3.5E TLR but also Contax G, and print as full frame.

Am also interested in the European sized papers vs American sizes. Plus, trying the ATM developer you recommend with the Fomapan 400. Do you also happen to stock Rodinal Special? Of course, I am happy to

purchase all my needs from Fotoimpex!

Many thanks for accomodating my needs when I'm there. Fotoimpex is truly deserving of the high reputation

of customer service & providing supplies to traditional b&w photographers.

Many thanks,


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