Efke/Adox -films in 220-format?

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Do you have any plans to produce Efke/Adox -films in 220 roll film format?

I suppose tha there exist some intrest to these longer rolls. Especially photographers who are using panorama cameras, large format cameras with roll film backs and medium format cameras without interchangeable backs (for exaple Pentax 67) will be intrested of 220 films.

Nowadays awailability of 220 Black and White films is very restricted. As far as I know only Kodak produces some films (Tmax & Tri-X) in 220 format. If someone knows some other 220 BW film manufacturers please inform all of us who desire for longer rolls.

Take a look at www.film220.com!
yes, but your link is about fuji or ilford films... not adox... and that's true it would be cool to have some 220 films! <img src='http://forum.fotoimpex.de/public/style_emoticons/<#EMO_DIR#>/smile.gif' class='bbc_emoticon' alt=':)' />
Try to convince Mirko! <img src='http://forum.fotoimpex.de/public/style_emoticons/<#EMO_DIR#>/smile.gif' class='bbc_emoticon' alt=':)' />
It?s not a question of convincing me it is first of all a question of order quantities.

Photographers are EXTREMELY price sensitive.

If we make only 10 000 Rollfilms 220 and calculate all the work and effort to make such a project happen the price will for sure exceed twice the price of a 120 film by far (so buying two 120 films will cost much less than one 220).

In my opinion 95% of the photographers will then buy the two cheaper 120 film. Those 5 % of the photograhers who care less about money (or in other words who are in the fortunate situation not to have to calculate so narrowly) are not enough to make such a project happen.



PS next to the financial side I canoot say if it will be technically at all possible to do.
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Mirko, if you take a look at www.film220.com, you can get an idea of the potential orders!
Make better pictures, not more, thats illness of todays digital photographers.

I saw your impressive list and found many of our customers on it :-)

I do not want to desilusionate you- I am only touching bases. So to me the question still remains: Will they buy one roll of 220 film if two rolls of 120 film are cheaper ?

Did you ever bring this up ?

I understand that all these people want 220 back (and if they have cameras build to accept 220 film this is fully understandable why) but are they actually willing to put down money or do they just want it back at the old price like in the good old days ?

See we had quite some companies over here in germany who were dumping film in the markets like crazy at incredibly low prices. They did not make any money on the gods sold. Now these companies are all bust and vanished of the markets. If you ask the photograhers if they want these companies back they all shout at once: "yes please have them come back they were great because everything was so cheap" but if you tell them OK but in order to do so you would have to pay a price that makes it possible for these companies to survive, all the interest is suddenly gone and they reply: " well in this case I have no interest because at regular prices I can also get it somewhere else".

As to my opinion as long a there is any option cheaper than the other that?s where all photographers go.

So this would be the key issue to me. Not only a list of people who want 220 film back in the way it used to be before the manufactureres for good reasons stopped the production but rather a list of people who say: I want it back so much that I am willing to pay a premium to make it happen even if this is more than the price for an alternative product (like 120).

These people could really be the ones that make it happen if there are enough of them.

No critics here. Don?t get me wrong.

I fully support your project but someone has to put down money here and whoever might that be needs qualified information to make a decision.

So this is supposed to be like a little test. Just as if you went to the bank and applied for a loan and they ask you all kinds of strange questions <img src='http://forum.fotoimpex.de/public/style_emoticons/<#EMO_DIR#>/wink.gif' class='bbc_emoticon' alt=':)' />


Sorry, Mirko, it is not my project: I just translated the French text into German!

It was initiated by Philippe Bachelier and Sebastiao Salgado...
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For me, and I think for many others too, this is not only a question about money. The convenience achieved by using 220 film instead of 120 film is in many situations remarkable. If you think for example landscape photograpers with 6x12 format you can get only 6 exposures in one 120 roll. With 220 film you can get 12 exposures. A remarkable benefit especially if you are photographing in a cold climate. Not to mention anything about them who are using 6x17 format... Also in street or action photography 120 roll runs out too rapidly. Many pictures are lost during loading the camera.

Yes, I know and understand, that these panorama format shooters are only a marginal group, but we do exist! Perhaps someone should serve also us.

About money and the price of the film. I don't try to get more shots with the same money by searching for 220 films. I tried to explain my motivations in overlying paragraphs. I think that for me the still tolerable price for 220 film roll is something like 2,5x the price of 120 film roll.

Best Wishes,


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