Help On Forte Situation, Please !

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Hi !

I've seen some update on the Forte Front on the German part of the Forum.

As I can't speak or read German, I did not understand a lot of it.

Could you please post a translation here ?

It seems you need our help or feedback on Forte papers ?

So It would be usefull to all international customers to know the exact situation in this case !

Thanks a lot for your help !

P.S : have you considered a newsletter for customers ?

P.S. 2 : You wrote that Forte needs 100 000 Euros. What about a partenership or have your customer buy a share ?

Have a nice day !
Hi Georges,

last postings consist of some small talk and some important things:

The administrator wants to start production again. With following limitations:

- Advance payment.

- Customers are requested to order a half years need.

- He first considers Forte's 10 most important customers.

- Production will start if all cost requirements are fulfilled.

- Thus, not all products will be continued.

But there are still some problems to be solved: No one knows if the machinery will survive a start up after such a long time; quite some legal stuff has to be cleared.

There is some hope but a long way to go.

That's why Mirko asked for our needs. He'll order and pay Forte in advance but needs to know about our requirements first. So if you need Forte products, please tell Mirko how much is expected for the next six months. You don't place an order with this but Mirko can calculate about his order at Forte. He already paid their electricity bill.

That is -in my rotten english- a short abstract about the situation.

Best regards,

Hi Georges,

Forte needs more money than 100 000 EUR.

I don?t recall right now if I ever dropped this number but it was probably refering to the increased size of our stock of materials wich we had to do in order to keep supllying.

The same now. They want precash for the orders so we can only buy as much as we have financial resources.

This is why we ask all larger customers for precash as well and try to collect as many orders as possible. The more they get now in orders the more likely is the decision to keep them allive.

If no one orders because of the difficult situation with prepayment and so on chances become smaller that they will organise a profitable production under administration. But this is now the most important thing. If they proof that they can be profitable in the next 3 months an investor is much more likely to be found and the administrator can be convinced to keep them running.

Fotoimpex unfortunately does not have the financial resources to get involved here on a larger scale.

All we can do is help to get orders and to keep the informations spread that you - the customers- please be patient and do not turn your back on Forte now.


Thanks Mirko for the informations.

I posted on this forum in October a question about Forte situation.

I see that activity could be go on.

I will send you a private email with my personal wants and needs of Forte products for year 2005

May be this is the way for users of Forte films and papers to let you know what they could be interested., so to have a preventive estimate of the monthly orders.

Could be a great lost not to have anymore Forte products available.

All the best


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