WERNER VON Niall..... Schukostecker!!!!

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Hi Werner,

I found this site elektroersatzteile-info.de

And they have this plug El-STA003 you'll

have to put this in the search box!!

Anyway they tell me it's heat resistant!

Would this be suitable for the trockenpresser!!

Yes, this is the one for old style paper dry presses.


Dear Niall,

yes that's the right one for your Press.

Good!! i'm trying to communicate with them!

But, it's vewry tricky!!!

My German is zero and thereenglish is not so hot either!

Well, it seems I would have to buy 4 from them which would cost 18,00 Euros approx!! PLUS 18,50 Postage = 36,00 Approx!!!

that sounds like too much to me!!!

Are there any other shops in Germany that sell these plugs!!!

Dear Niall,

I think that El-STA003 is the official code for this plug (i have seen offers from a dutch firm and from a firm of iceland in the net), so that i would ask in your home country in a specialist electro shop for this plug .

Probably there were exports of machines with tis plug also to ireland so that the plugs must be available.

Even there would be cheaper plugs in germany, your main problem were the high shipping costs.

.....I definitly won't get one here!!!

if you know anywhere else I could look

I wouls be grateful!!

Dear Niall,

I see two oppinions for you, first were to ask Mr. Boeddecker to send you such a plug with your next order.

The second oppinion might be to ask the question for the plug in this newsgroup [url="http://www.phototec.de/frame39.htm"]http://www.phototec.de/frame39.htm[/url]

it's another german newsgroup, but in my view there are more participants even from foreign countries (you don't need to sign).

An Fotoimpex,

vielleicht war das nicht so toll auf L?flers Forum zu verweisen, aber ich finde es wichtiger, da?Niall seine Presse in gang bekommt.

Vielleicht k?nt ja sogar Ihr helfen?

Who is Mr. boedekker!!1

And does He have these plugs!


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