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Dear Mirko,

I saw on the forum an update about Forte.

The immediate translation system from German language to English make a sort of confusion.

May we have a summary and update of the Forte situation?

Many thanks


the only real news is that they made the first run with a small profit and the administrator decided to carry on the production to another coating round.

So it does not mean they are on the safe side yet but the order volumes which we and other good customers gave them and the precash we gave them enabled them to carry out a profitable production.

They are currently reducing excess staff (with payout) and the process of first re-organizations has started.

The administrator seems to try to get an overview of how profitable they can be under chapter 11 in order to gather informations to talk to possible investors.

So at this point the news are as positive as possible. More we cannot expect at this point.

We will have new warmtone paper available in about 2 weeks and carry on to do all we can do to help forte as far as it is in our range of possibilities.

I also asked all customers again to give us demand plans ahead or to order in time so we can organize supply as good as possible for you guys.

If you could tell us something like: in August I need 40 boxes of 8x10 warmtone, glossy we can make sure you get it. If you call us twoo weeks before that date chances are we can?t supply fully in time.

If you are from the US contact John at JandC he will bundle demand and foreward US contingents to me.

Same applies to Nigel in the UK (

Regards from the north-sea shore of Germany,


PS I am on a very slow mobile conection here and can?t re check until monday.


Hello Mirko !

In France, there are some rumors about Forte :

The first one is that it will close very soon. Aparently false ?

The main one being that Bergger is going to buy Forte in order to have it's own production plant for film and papers.

Another one is that a joint venture is going to "create" to buy Forte .

Will you be part of one such joint venture or will Forte be called Bergger soon ?


I cannot comment on this.

All I can say is that whoever "buys" Forte in case the administrator decides to sell it will need turnover, turnover, turnover.

A paper factory of the size of Forte has extremely high fixed costs and needs thousands of sqm of turnover to be profitable.

It is theoretically possible that Bergger becomes part of such a joint venture as could anyone else who is willing and capable of investing or can guarantee a certain minimum turnover per year.

But as I said: nothing is decided yet and there is also no sense in going crazy about it.

We will see what happens. Any help is appreciated. The most important is that they carry on.

Whoever gives the money in the end is not so important I think.