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can anybody help me out with following pushed processing times for EFKE KB25.

I'd like to expose the film at 50asa, can anybody give me a lead for following developers :

- A49 1+1 (1 film in a 300mm small tank)

- Tetenal Neofin Blau : 15mm of product in a total of 500mm - available light.

Thx for your help. No problem with answers in German. Can understand it, but not write it, scuse me.

Kindest rgds,

Robert Van Brustum


Hello Robert,

I expose KB25 as 50 asa as standard.

Developing time in Neofin blue (30 ml = 1 bottle)/500 ml: 5 mins, agitation: every minute.

The negatives still come out a bit dense, but quite easy to scan (I do not have an enlarger available) and the printers have not complained, yet.

Best regards,