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Dear Konstantin,

in order to get the IR effect you need to use a "black" filter.

This filter is so deep red that you cannot see through it - only the IR

waves can pass it.

We offer these filters made by Heliopan in different nm wavelenghts.

the first one would be 665 and then it continues until 1000nm.

Over 830 you cannot use as the film ends at 820.

So practically you can use: 665, 695, 715, 780.

The more you go upwards the more visible will be the IR effect but also the

lower will be the film speed because you "cut" out more and more of

sensitized spectral range of the film.

If you use one of the dark red but not yet black versions (e.g. 695) you are

already down to about 2-8 ASA !

Only without a filter the film has 400 ASA !

The prices for the IR filters in M52 are 39 EUR plus tax.

We can ship to Russia but the costs are rather high due to the customs

procedure necessary.

But we have several russian Photographers coming here to buy things and

"smuggeling" them back into Russia to avoid taxation by your officials

(sometimes 60%- 200% depending on the mood of the customs official).

Most of them are from Moscow. I can aks them.

Regards from Berlin,


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